Giving Children Exposure to

Arts and Culture


Malta is investing millions of euros every year to ensure that Maltese artists can express their creativity and versatility in all forms of art.  But what the Maltese artists need besides funds, opportunities and the right environment?  They need an audience that appreciates their work of art.

In 2016, the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government launched the Culture Pass.  It was meant for students attending secondary schools.  Over 6,800 students benefited from this programme.

Last year, the Culture Pass was extended to kinder and primary school children.  The number of beneficiaries was overwhelming.  More than 28,000 attended one of the events.

The Culture Pass has several objectives.  It supports educational growth, because the emphasis is to relate productions with the school curriculum.  Thus, the engagement in cultural and artistic activities compliment the learning outcomes of the National Curriculum and add value to cultural education and other curricular subjects.  As a result, the lesson becomes different and creative and promotes culture and the arts as relevant, entertaining, fulfilling, challenging and exciting.